Anta ShizukoEdit

静子アンタ - 「しずこあんた」

Creator/Voice Provider Ally


Range F#3-C5
Homepage utaustuff

Character Item

Cotton candy
Release Date December 23rd, 2010

Very naive and innocent, she walks the edge of childishness and stupidity. She loves talking to others, though she become shy around more intellectual people. Her self confidence varies as a normal teenage girl's does, and she tends to dwell on mean comments.

She has three younger siblings and a twin brother, and takes her "big sister" duties very seriously, to the point where she tends to want to look after people who aren't her siblings. While she has a special weak spot for cute girls, she is considered a polyamorous pansexual and can be paired with any one regardless of gender/sex.


  • Kinou Ashita - waifu.
  • Kamino Shizuko - brother with whom she fights often. He is her official "genderbent".
  • Yuuki Yasune - waifu #2.
  • HARMON-E - "owner". Anta rhymes with Fanta, which is owned by Coke, and Ham's character item is Coke.


Core VCV 5-mora VCV with ending breaths and some English samples. Download link.

Whisper Append VCV  5-mora VCV with ending breaths and some English samples. Download Link. Strong Append VCV 5-mora VCV with ending breaths and some English samples. Download Link

Strong Append CV Heavier American accent than others, "r"s pronounced as English "l"s Download link.

Whisper Append CV  Last Voicebank Update: September 5 2012. Fixed oto's, added read me and image folder and updated information. Less noticible accent, though this bank has a much smaller range than her others. Download link.

Lite CVVC Japanese bank utilizes the CVVC/Psuedo VCV list. There are some oto mistakes, though they are easily fixable. Download link.

Spanish CV VC utilizes a custom list with VC syllables that has capabilities similar to the Spanish Vocaloids. Download link.

Multipitch VCV banks, CVVC "Expressive"-type bank, and multilingual voicebanks are being worked on, though there is no definate release date.

Usage ClauseEdit

Please follow the rules of the UTAU program when using this voice.

Roleplay and Fanworks

The creator of this UTAU character does not allow use of their original artwork for any online roleplay purposes.

Videos and songs made with Anta's voice can use ANY of the artwork created for her that is uploaded to her creator's deviantART.

Commerical Use

Anta's voice/image may NOT be used commercially in any way without prior permission from her creator.

Political/Religious Content

Anta's voice/image may NOT be used for specifically spreading a political or religious message. However, traditional anthems, choruses and chants are perfectly acceptable.

Mature/Obscene Content

As Anta is 16, and therefore underage, please refrain from drawing her nude and having her sing songs with obscene meaning. Please message AvariaJames on YouTube if you have questions regarding which songs may be appropriate.