Kamino ShizukoEdit

静子神の - 「しずこかみの」

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Release Date

August 3rd, 2012


Kamino is very arrogant and informal, with a tendency to insult others. People have a hard time telling whether this is intentional, but his sister tends to apologize for him regardless of whether he meant any offense. He enjoys pulling pranks on his sisters, while he is somewhat wary of his younger brother. Can be kind of a jerk at times, with a short temper, especially in regards to his sister's constant babying of everyone.


  • Anta Shizuko - sister with whom he fights often. She is his official "genderbent".
  • Yuuki Yasune - he often flirts with her.


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Usage ClauseEdit

Please follow the rules of the UTAU program when using this voice.

Roleplay and Fanworks

The creator of this UTAU character does not allow use of their original artwork for any online roleplay purposes.

Videos and songs made with Kamino's voice can use ANY of the artwork created for him that is uploaded to his creator's deviantART.

Commerical Use

Kamino's voice/image may NOT be used commercially in any way.

Political/Religious Content

Kamino's voice/image may NOT be used for specifically spreading a political or religious message. However, traditional anthems, choruses and chants are perfectly acceptable.